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Living Logo


Bring nature to your brand! Living logos consists of 19mm thick PVC, hollowed out and lined with lichen. We've replaced the sap of the plants with a bio-friendly glycerin base so the growth is halted and the plant doesn't require any attention, while retaining its natural features. Supplied in reindeer lichen. This lichen grows in the forests of Northern Europe and is hand harvested to respect the local environment and there are 8 colours for you to choose from. Living logos are intended for indoor use only, avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Supplied with position guide and wall fixings.

Turnaround time 10 working days

How to calculate the size that you need? Calculate the width by the length in centimeters e.g. 10x50cm = 500cm2, so the recommend size to order is 25 to 1200cm2.
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